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Prof. Dr. Uwe Sunde

Academic Year 2014/15

In his research, Uwe Sunde is examining the way in which institutions can be viewed as central determinants of long-term economic development. Current research sees institutions as the principal reason for differences in income and development in the world, and considers these to be more important than other determinants of comparative economic development, such as culture and demographics. However, there are surprisingly few certainties relating to how institutions are formed, how they are influenced by their respective environments and what reciprocal relationships exist between institutions and other determinants of long-term economic development. Uwe Sunde and his academic staff aim to answer precisely these questions, making both theoretical and empirical contributions. Particular emphasis is to be placed on investigating the formation and effects of political institutions, such as democracy, economic institutions, such as constitutional legality, and social institutions and infrastructure, such as education and health systems.

Uwe Sunde's work group includes Lukas Buchheim, Rudi Stracke and Larissa Zierow.