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Prof. Dr. Hinrich Schütze

Academic Year 2014/15

Hinrich Schütze is investigating one of the current fundamental problems of computer linguistics, namely the seemingly unbridgeable gap between useful and practical applications on the one hand and cognitively/linguistically plausible computational models of language on the other hand. So-called "word embeddings" from the field of neuronal networks are a new paradigm in the processing of language and in mechanical learning: a paradigm that is made possible by hugely increased computation capacities and by groundbreaking discoveries on the convergence of complex networks. Linguists have been virtually unable to work within this new paradigm to date. Hinrich Schütze's research is intended to close this gap: those questions are to be considered which present themselves in the context of linguistics when "embeddings" become the basis of the theory and practice of computer linguistics. Schütze thus hopes to make considerable progress towards developing a form of computer linguistics that is equally relevant for linguists and engineers.

Hinrich Schütze's work group includes Irina Sergienya, M.Sc., Wenpeng Yin, M.Sc., and Dr. Desislava Zhekova.

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