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Prof. Dr. Martin Kocher

Martin Kocher, Professor of Behavioral Economics and Experimental Economic Research at the LMU, will work with his group on "Variable time as a determinant of individual decisions". Although the factor of time plays an important role in many economic contexts, behaviorally oriented economists, as Kocher has established, know virtually nothing about the effects of time, time pressure or decision delays on social action in general or on behavior in purchasing situations, such as auctions. How, for example, are individual purchasing decisions made under time pressure? What significance can waiting periods have which must be upheld before the conclusion of contracts? These are some of the questions which will be both experimentally investigated and further theoretically founded.

Martin Kocher's work group includes Dipl. math. oec. Amrei Lahno, Konstantin Lucks, M.Sc. and Dipl.-Kfm. René Cyranek.

Visiting Fellows


  • Internationalr Workshop – "Time in Economic Decision Making"
    (Winter Semester 2014/15)