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Prof. Dr. Ulrich Derenthal

Academic Year 2011/12

Ulrich Derenthal – PortraitUlrich Derenthal will work on the project "Torsors in Diophantic Geometry" in the academic year 2011/12 at the CAS. The project addresses the question of the number and distribution of rational solutions to diophantic equations, which is formulated more precisely in a theory by Manin. The central method is the application of universal torsors, which are geometric objects of higher dimensions.

Ulrich Derenthal studied mathematics at the University of Göttingen and UC Berkeley, and received his PhD from the University of Göttingen in 2006. He was a postdoctoral researcher and lecturer at the University of Zurich and Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Princeton University and at the MSRI in Berkeley. In 2009 he was appointed junior professor at the University of Freiburg, and has been professor at the Mathematisches Institut of the LMU since 2010. His research interests lie in the fields of number theory and arithmetic geometry.

Three young scholars are cooperating on this project. Daniel Harrer (diploma student) is studying density statements on cubic number fields in line with Bhargava's generalisation of the composition of binary quadratic forms according to Gauss. Markus Hanselmann (doctoral student) is investigating the existence and distribution of rational points of limited height on projective hypersurfaces of the 4th degree using the circle method in accordance with Hardy and Littlewood. Dasheng Wei (postdoctoral researcher) is dealing with questions of rational points and unbranched Brauer groups in the case of norm equations.

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