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Dr. Magdalena Zorn

Summer Semester 2019

Magdalena Zorn – PortraitMagdalena Zorn is an Assistant Professor at the Institute for Musicology at LMU Munich. She studied Musicology, Modern German Literature, French Phonetics and Communication at Innsbruck, Freiburg and Munich. Following up her engagement as music dramaturge at the Swiss Theater St. Gallen, she did her PhD on the relation between the musical concepts of Karlheinz Stockhausen and Richard Wagner.

In her second book (Habilitation), she works on a philosophy of the musical work (opus). The key proposition of her research is that, above all, a musical work displays metaphors of listening which tautologically highlight its own audibility. The fact that there will be someone listening to it is not only the condition for drawing a composition but also structures the very concrete ideas written down. Relying on recent theories of art philosophy and philosophical anthropology, Magdalena Zorn depicts the composer creating structural meaning in musical notation as if he or she were listening.

During her time as a Junior Researcher in Residence at CAS, Magdalena Zorn will analyze the phenomenological structures of 'listening' and their modes of representation in the musical work. Furthermore, she will reformulate the threefold agency of musical work (composer, performer, listener). Together with her Visiting Fellow Brian Kane (Yale University), she will explore in a workshop the so called acousmatic practice consisting in separating the eye from the listening experience.

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