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Dr. Johanna Zorn

Winter Semester 2020/21

Johanna Zorn – PortraitJohanna Zorn is an Assistant Professor at the Institute for Theatre Studies at LMU Munich. She studied Comparative Literature, Philosophy and Musicology in Innsbruck, Aix-en-Provence and Zurich. In 2015, she received her Ph.D. from LMU Munich with a thesis on Christoph Schlingensief's last stage works (funded by a doctoral scholarship according to the Bavarian Elite Support Act).

In her current research project (habilitation) she focuses on the theatrical analysis and philosophical contextualization of artistic practices based on the paradoxical construction of a congruence between art and the world. The contemporary panorama of theatre, performance and installation shows a significant tendency to create "duplicates of the world", which holds out the prospect of an aesthetic being in the world as a total experience. In changing focal points, corresponding artistic concepts suggest an aesthetic doubling of world experience, for example, through the doubling of lifetime as a time of art experience. This doubling, in turn, calls up the aporetic concept of a "map on a scale of 1 to 1". The idea of a map that is as large as the country to be depicted is the foundation from which to examine the paradox of the mimetic idea of congruence in current performative strategies and develop a culture-historical, art-philosophical theory based on this performative return to art's imitation of life.

As a Junior Researcher at CAS, Johanna Zorn will develop the analytical and theoretical implications of her previous research. The focus is on the intellectual-theoretical transfer of central concepts of her research, which have different implications in different academic discourses. Thus, the underlying mimetic practices will be explored from an interdisciplinary perspective.