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Prof. Dr. Michael Zehetleitner

Winter Semester 2011/12

Michael Zehetleitner – PortraitMichael Zehetleitner is an academic assistant for general and experimental psychology in the Department of Psychology at the LMU. He began his studies in mathematics in Heidelberg and Munich, and, following his intermediate diploma, completed the masters programme "Neuro-cognitive Psychology" supported by the Elitenetzwerk Bayern. His dissertation on "Saliency from the decision perspective" received the distinction summa cum laude in 2007.

In the winter semester, Michael Zehetleitner will work on studies in neuro-cognitive mechanisms of attention as part of his position as  Researcher in Residence at the Center for Advanced Studies. The focus will be on the connection of formal models of decision theory with qualitative, verbally formulated models of attention research. During his time at the CAS, Michael Zehetleitner will host two guest scholars.

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