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Prof. Dr. Mirjam Zadoff

Summer Semester 2011

Mirjam Zadoff – PortraitMirjam Zadoff is an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Jewish History and Culture at LMU Munich. She studied Jewish studies and history in Vienna and Munich. Her dissertation "Nächstes Jahr in Marienbad. Gegenwelten jüdischer Kulturen der Moderne (Next Year in Marienbad. Contrasting worlds of modern Jewish cultures)", published in 2006, received several distinctions and appeared in 2012 in English (Jewish Culture and Contexts Series, University of Pennsylvania Press).

At CAS, she will work on the completion of her biography of Werner Scholem. This habilitation treatise tells the life story of the German-Jewish revolutionary as the history of a family and a generation which was deeply influenced by the imminent Utopian expectations of the communist revolution. This analysis makes a significant contribution to completing the picture of the German-Jewish experience of the 20th century.

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