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Prof. Dr. Florian Wöller

Summer Semester 2018

Dr. Florian Wöller – PortraitFlorian Wöller is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Protestant Theology at LMU Munich. He studied protestant theology and philosophy in Münster, Rome, and Berlin. During his doctorate he worked as lecturer of ecclesiastical history and history of theology at the Faculty of Theology at the University of Basel, where he also received his PhD in 2015. He was a visiting scholar at Leuven and Toronto. His doctoral dissertation was dedicated to the relation between theology and science in late-medieval scholastic thought. For his second book, Florian Wöller studies Christian and non-Christian processions in late antiquity. By contrasting contemporary interpretations of processions with material and urbanistic evidence from a variety of cities across the Roman Empire, he scrutinizes performative aspects of urban spaces and urban life in late antiquity.

During his time as a Junior Researcher in Residence at CAS, Florian Wöller will focus on the city of Antioch in late antiquity. The works of the rhetorician Libanius and the presbyter John Chrysostom provide ample descriptions of processions through one and the same urban environment. However, both authors present starkly different impressions of Antioch, not least because of their different religious and cultural leanings. By way of comparing these accounts with one another and with material and urbanistic sources, urban spaces that go beyond the stone-built city will emerge. The workshop on urban movement and mobility in late antiquity will discuss the central research assumptions and locate the project within a much wider horizon.