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Dr. Anna Wehofsits

Winter Semester 2019/20

Anna Wehofsits – PortraitAnna Wehofsits is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Philosophy at LMU Munich. She studied philosophy and comparative literature at FU Berlin, the University of Cambridge, and Yale University and received her PhD in philosophy from FU Berlin with a thesis on the emotional conditions for achieving moral action in Kant’s Ethics ("Anthropology and Morality: Affects, Passions and Sympathy in Kant's Ethics").

Her habilitation ('second book') examines the ethical dimensions of self-deception: When and why is self-deception problematic? Can self-deception have positive functions? How does self-deception affect the perception of ourselves and the formation of our identity? Self-deception is a phenomenon known to most, but it remains philosophically elusive. Against the backdrop of recent psychological studies, it is not only the definition of self-deception that is controversial but also its (traditionally negative) ethical evaluation.

During her stay as Junior Researcher in Residence at CAS, Anna will analyze and assess the contrast between the traditional philosophical condemnation of self-deception and its much more positive assessment in recent psychological studies. She seeks to develop an empirically sound and conceptually nuanced foundation for the ethical (re-)evaluation of self-deception by engaging with psychological studies and in conversation with both psychologists and philosophers.

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