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Prof. Dr. Meike Wagner

Winter Semester 2010/11

Meike Wagner – PortraitMeike Wagner is an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Theater Studies at LMU Munich. She is conducting research on theater in the 19th century and its relationships to an approaching media modernity, using the methodical approach of historical intermedia research and fundamentally investigating the social functions of theater as a specific medium of the period. With this perspective, she also analyzes performative phenomena of the present time, such as post-dramatic theater, puppet theater, performance art, internet-based video art and animation films. She is the author of the pertinent study "Nähte am Puppenkörper. Der mediale Blick und die Körperentwürfe des Theaters (Seams on Puppet Bodies. The medial view and body concepts of the theater)" (Bielefeld 2003) on contemporary puppet theater and the mediality of the theater.

During her stay as a Junior Researcher in Residence at CAS, she will conduct research on the Vienna and Munich public theater scenes between 1820 and 1850.