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PD Dr. Georg Strack

Sommersemester 2013

Georg Strack – PortraitGeorg Strack is an Assistant Professor in the Middle Age section at the Department of History at LMU Munich. He studied history and German literature in Munich and wrote a dissertation about "Thomas Pirckheimer (1418-1473). Gelehrter Rat und Frühhumanist" which was published in 2010. As a postdoctoral researcher he was part of a LMUexcellence research group on cultural and religious diversity in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Furthermore, he coordinated the scientific activities of the Center for Medieval and Renaissance studies at LMU and established a new doctoral program at this Center.

During his time at CAS Georg Strack will be dealing with papal crusading sermons in the Middle Ages. This topic is in the focus of his second book that analyzes papal sermons in order to show how political oratory was perceived and imagined in the Middle Ages. The first results of his research will be discussed in an international workshop on "Rhetoric, Ritual, and Law: Speeches and Sermons at Ecclesiastical Assemblies (11th-15th Centuries)".