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Dr. Tobias Schuwerk

Winter Semester 2017/18

Tobias Schuwerk – PortraitTobias Schuwerk is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Developmental Psychology and Educational Psychology at LMU Munich. He studied psychology at the Universities of Salzburg and Regensburg. He completed his PhD in 2014 at LMU Munich with a thesis on the neurocognitive fundamentals of conviction attribution. Conviction attribution is an essential component of mentalization, the ability to empathize with other people.

As a Junior Researcher in Residence, Tobias Schuwerk will focus on his habilitation project "The Cognitive Architecture of Mentalizing: Neural Basis, Developmental Change, and Pathological Variation in Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC)". This project combines complementary empirical methods of cognitive neuroscience, behavioral developmental psychology research and smartphone-based data collection on day-to-day behavior. The aim is to understand better how mentalizing develops, how it is implemented in day-to-day situations, and whether and how autistic personality characteristics influence the quality and quantity of the deployment of this fundamental social-cognitive ability.

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