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Dr. Denise Reitzenstein

Summer Semester 2016

Denise Reitzenstein is an Assistant Professor at the Insitute of Ancient History at LMU Munich. She studied history, auxiliary sciences of history and art history in Munich and Exeter and received her PhD in ancient history from LMU in 2010 with a thesis on the Lycian High Priests and Lycian’s Elite in the Roman Empire. Her research interests are Greek epigraphy in Asia Minor, the history of Lycia, the Roman Empire and the cultural history of Antiquity.

As a Junior Researcher in Residence, she will focus on her Habilitation which deals with colors and taxonomies in ancient history. She will analyze ancient concepts of colors, their principles and their evolution. A main focus of her research will be on Pliny the Elder whose Naturalis historia provides a vast insight into his idea of world and nature. An international workshop on "Color Terms in Past Cultures" in September 2016 will discuss concepts of color in past cultures and their languages by bringing together historians, linguists and literary scholars.