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Dr. Simon Pröll

Summer Semester 2019

Simon Pröll – PortraitSimon Pröll is an Assistant Professor in German Linguistics at LMU Munich. After having studied German linguistics, German literature and psychology at the universities of Augsburg and Oslo, he received his PhD in 2014 for his work on methods for geostatistic analyses of dialect data.

His present project addresses the ongoing shift of modern Standard German towards a fully natural language. For a critical mass of speakers, the German standard variety has become their naturally acquired first language instead of a predominantly written variety with an additional phonic representation taught at school. This nativization not only leads to changes in the system of Standard German (due to psycholinguistic processes), but also to an increasing systemic distance between spoken Standard German and the more archaic, conservative written form. To deepen the understanding of this ongoing process, Simon Pröll analyzes the emergence, acquisition, variation and modality of the spoken standard, with a focus on theoretically modelling the system-internal patterns of variation and change.

During his time as a Junior Researcher in Residence at CAS, Simon Pröll will focus on the interface between empirical research and theoretical modelling using analyses of slips of the tongue. Commonly, speech error data are employed to explain speech production from a psycholinguistic point of view. In contrast to this, the project aims at refining basic theoretical positions to core topics of phonology and morphology through purely empirical, naturalistic evidence from slips of the tongue. In collaboration with his Visiting Fellow Martin Pfeiffer (University of Freiburg), he will evaluate the possibilities arising from the usage of strictly performance based data for the understanding of issues occurring at the level of linguistic competence. Together they will discuss their findings at a workshop.

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