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PD Dr. Jan Mohr

Winter Semester 2012/13

Jan Mohr – PortraitJan Mohr studied german literature, spanish literature, and history of art at LMU Munich. He completed his doctoral thesis in the International Graduate School "Textualität in der Vormoderne" (Elitenetzwerk Bayern). His thesis deals with textual structures and concepts of authors and readers in arrangements of short text forms (German baroque epigrams and early Romanticism fragments). Since 2007 he has been an Assistant Professor for medieval studies at the Institute of German Philology (LMU).

In his CAS project, Jan Mohr aims at textual negotiations of 'Minne' in middle high German courtly texts. While Minne is widely reconstructed semantically, the project conceives 'Minne' as discoursive rule which allows for semantic and logical defocalization. Thus, 'Minne' can highlight the kind of orientation highly connotative key notions can provide for a given historical society.

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