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Alessandro Michelangeli, Ph.D.

Wintersemester 2013/14

Alessandro Michelangeli is a mathematical physicist with main interests within the mathematical methods for Quantum Mechanics, many-body quantum dynamics, non-linear Schrödinger equation, dispersive estimates, operator theory, spectral theory, scattering theory, and point interactions. He was educated and then worked in Pisa, SISSA Trieste, LMU Munich, Cambridge University and Newton Institute Cambridge. At present he is a research associate in the group of Analysis, Mathematical Physics, and Numerics of the Department of Mathematics at LMU Munich.

As a Junior Research in Residence at the Center for Advanced Studies, he will be conducting an international research project on the theme "Quantum systems with zero-range interactions", an extremely active field at the crossroads of Mathematics (functional analysis, spectral theory, operator theory) and Condensed Matter Physics (cold atom theoretical and experimental physics), which is currently enjoying a renewed flurry of interest with major open questions being now faced both from the mathematical and from the physical side. System of ultra-cold fermions or bosons can nowadays be manipulated so finely in the lab so to tune their effective range to almost zero and their scattering length to almost infinity (the so called "unitary" regime). Mathematically this yields new demanding challenges, intimately related to the understanding of the physics of such systems, among which the rigorous construction of point interaction Hamiltonians and the analysis of exotic spectral phenomena such as the so called Thomas and Efimof effects.

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