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PD Dr. Christina Märzhäuser

Summer Semester 2015

Christina Märzhäuser – Portrait Christina Märzhäuser is an Assistant Professor at the Insititute of Romance Philology for the areas of Portuguese, French and Spanish linguistics. After her Master's degree in romance philology, intercultural communication and educational sciences at LMU Munich, she graduated with her dissertation in the area of language contact and creolistics at the universities of Munich and Coimbra (Prof. John Holm). Her current research interest lies in nominal reference and the syntax-semantics interface.

During her research stay at CAS, she will be finishing her Habilitation ('second book') on "Referential Bare Nouns in French and Spanish". A further research focus of hers is language and music. As a kick-off for a future research project on the prosody of French in songs, the interdisciplinary workshop on "Rhythm, Prosody and Song Text Analysis" will take place at CAS.