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Dr. Christoph Krönke

Summer Semester 2018

Dr. Chritsoph Krönke – PortraitChristoph Krönke is an Assistant Professor at LMU Munich's Institute of Politics and Public Law. He studied law in Heidelberg and Munich. In 2013, he received his PhD at LMU with a dissertation on "The Procedural Autonomy of the Member States of the European Union". His second book (Habilitation) will examine whether and how administrative law contributes to "Regulating the Digital Economy", with respect to both the private sector and public commercial activities.

During his stay as a Junior Researcher in Residence at CAS, Christoph Krönke will focus on changes in the strategies for regulating the private sector since "digitality" is primarily shaped by this sector. Private actors of the so-called digital economy develop and sell products and services that have triggered processes of digitalization in almost every area of human life. The private character of digitalization and its growing public relevance also affect the applicable legal framework. Areas of law which have always been confronted with new technologies (e.g. data protection law) increasingly adopt regulatory strategies from public commercial law. At the same time, more traditional fields of public commercial law (e.g. the law governing public transportation or short-term rentals) are put under pressure for change (e.g. by digital platforms such as Uber or Airbnb). This habilitation project on "Regulating the Digital Economy" aims at developing a specific public commercial law approach towards digitalization. This approach will overcome unduly restrictive or libertarian positions on digitalization and tries to offer a constructive perspective, promising both effective protection of private and public interests and sufficient room for innovation.