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Prof. Dr. Urte Krass

Summer Semester 2013

Urte Krass – PortraitUrte Krass is an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Art History at LMU Munich. Following her studies in art history and history at the University of Hamburg, she worked as pre-doctoral researcher at the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz/Max-Planck-Institut. Her doctoral thesis on the transformations of the relic cult and the representations of the saints in early Italian Renaissance was published in 2012 ("Close to the Corpse. Images of New Saints in the Italian Quattrocento").

During her time as a Junior Researcher in Residence at CAS, Urte Krass is advancing the work on her habilitation thesis on the political iconographies during the Portuguese maritime expansion. In September 2013 she is hosting an international workshop entitled "Visualizing Portuguese Power. The Political Use of Images in Portugal and Its Overseas Empire (16th to 18th Centuries)". This workshop aims at exploring the current state of research and stimulating cross-border exchanges of ideas.

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