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Dr. Benjamin Krämer

Summer Semester 2017

Benjamin Krämer – Portrait Benjamin Krämer is an Assistant Professor at the Institute for Communication Studies and Media Research at LMU Munich. He studied media management at the Conservatory for Music, Theater and Media Hanover, as well as sociology during a stay abroad at the University of Paris IV – Sorbonne. He received his Ph.D. from LMU in 2012 with a thesis on media socialization, for which he was also awarded the biannual Dissertation Advancement Award of the German Society for Media and Communication Studies. In the winter semester 2015/16 and the summer semester 2016, he held the position of acting professor for empirical methods of communication studies at Friedrich Schiller University Jena. His research focuses on media usage and reception, political communication (particularly populism and media) and media transformation, as well as on sociological theories of media and communication, processes of theory construction, and the development of data collection and analysis methods. In his habilitation project, he is working to develop a theoretical framework for the description and interpretation of actions on the internet.

During his time at CAS, Benjamin Krämer will continue his research on the relationship between right-wing populism and the media. Of particular interest within this area will be the question of how different groups perceive this relationship and what consequences they draw from this: how does journalism handle the criticism and attacks from right-wing populism, and how does it reflect upon its possible role in the rise of this movement? How do the political agents from right-wing populist parties behave when they embrace this media criticism on the one hand, but rely on the press for their public relations work on the other? How are right-wing populist ideologies expressed on social media profiles of members of the general public not involved in party-political organization? During his time as a junior researcher in residence, Benjamin Krämer intends to develop further his theoretical approaches to the relationship between right-wing populism and the media, to analyze studies which have been conducted and to design new studies. His research subject will also be discussed in a workshop from the perspective of different disciplines and countries.