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Taisuke Imai, Ph.D.

Summer Semester 2021


Taisuke Imai is an Assistant Professor at Department of Economics at LMU Munich. Before joining LMU Munich in 2017, he was a Postdoctoral Scholar in Behavioral and Experimental Economics at California Institute of Technology, where he received Ph.D. in Social Science in 2016.

Taisuke’s research interests are in microeconomic theory, decision theory, behavioral economics, and experimental economics. His research seeks to understand how people make decisions in the presence of risk and uncertainty or intertemporal tradeoffs, combining theoretical models and data from laboratory experiments. His recent research focuses also on "meta-scientific" topics including (i) the evaluation of replicability of experimental findings in economics and other social sciences, and (ii) the cumulation of knowledge in behavioral economics using meta-analysis.

During his residency at the CAS, he will pursue the agenda of "Economics of Science", in which he plans to conduct an empirical as well as a theoretical investigation into the so-called "open science" policies and tools recently advanced by many disciplines in social sciences.

Visiting Fellows

  • Claudia Herresthal, Ph.D.
    (University of Bonn)
  • Fabio Tufano, Ph.D.
    (University of Nottingham)