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Prof. Dr. Michaela Geierhos

Summer Semester 2012

Michaela Geierhos – PortraitMichaela Geierhos is postdoctoral researcher and lecturer at the Center for Information and Language Processing (CIS) at LMU Munich. She studied computational linguistics, computer science and phonetics at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich where she completed her PhD on "BiographIE – Classification and Extraction of career-specific information" in 2010 (with distinction / summa cum laude). In 2011, she received the Bavarian Culture Award for an outstanding PhD thesis. Furthermore, she was honored with the Best Teaching Award by the Bavarian State Ministry of Sciences, Research and the Arts in 2010.

Michaela Geierhos will work as junior researcher in residence on her project "CoRA – Company Relation Analysis" at the Center for Advanced Studies during the summer term 2012. The core method is the detailed linguistic analysis of business data for the creation of company profiles. During her stay at CAS, she will organize an international workshop on "Grammar Development in Human Resource Linguistics".

Visiting Fellows

  • Frederik Cailliau, Ph.D.