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Dr. Daniel Fröhlich

Summer Semester 2017

Daniel Fröhlich – Portrait Daniel Fröhlich is an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Politics and Public Law at LMU Munich. His academic interest lies in the field of constitutional law, particularly the transformation of its institutes in the context of state integration into European and international law. He studied law in Jena and received his Ph.D. from LMU in 2010 with a thesis on the Europeanization of asylum and refugee law. His habilitation project is concerned with problems of independently acting agents within a democratic constitutional state in terms of organizational law and theory.

During his time at CAS, Daniel Fröhlich will work on one aspect of this project concerning the emergence of the organizational form "independent Administration". Starting from an analysis of the present situation of organizational law, the normative characteristics and structural idiosyncrasies will be identified which allow a reconstruction of "independent Administration" as a form of sovereign administrative organization distinct from traditional organizational models – both from the monocratic-hierarchical ministerial administration and from self-administration – as well as a distinction from other "independent agents" (particularly the courts). This research program will be complemented by the workshop "Conditions of Independence" which will take place in September 2017 at the CAS.