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PD Dr. Stefanie Fricke

Winter Semester 2010/11

Stefanie Fricke – PortraitStefanie Fricke studied English, history and Japanese studies at LMU Munich and the University of St Andrews, and received her Ph.D. with a thesis entitled "Memento Mori: Ruinen alter Hochkulturen und die Furcht vor dem eigenen Untergang in der englischen Literatur des 19. Jahrhunderts (Ruins of Ancient High Cultures and the Fear of Demise in the English Literature of the 19th Century)". She has been an Assistant Professor at the Institute of English Philology at LMU since 2007.

In her project at CAS, she is concerned with texts from the long 18th century in which the real or fictitious imprisonment of Britons in the Ottoman Empire and India is depicted. The focus of the investigation is on the reciprocity between fictional and authentic reports, the representation of that which is foreign, the construction of individual and national identity and the political effect and exploitation of such texts.