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Dr. Simone Falk

Summer Semester 2012

Simone Falk – PortraitSimone Falk is an Assistant Professor at the Institute of German Philology and Germanic Linguistics at LMU Munich. She studied German and Romance philology as well as journalism at the Otto Friedrich University Bamberg and the Université Marc Bloch in Strasbourg. At LMU, Simone Falk received her Ph.D. in the Linguistic International Doctorate Program (LIPP) while also being a scholarship recipient of the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes. In her dissertation, she investigated the connection between music and language and the role of singing in the early linguistic development of young children. Simone Falk is currently working on a psycholinguistic habilitation treatise in which she is investigating the prerequisites for the recognition of thematically important units and words in spoken texts.

During her time at CAS, Simone Falk will conduct a series of experiments concerning the influence of rhythmic structure, motor skill processes and syntactic structure on memory processes and lexical access. The results will provide valuable insights for models of the processing and understanding of spoken language. Simone Falk will extend invitations to two guest scholars in the summer semester 2012.

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