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PD Dr. Anja Becker

Winter Semester 2011/12

Anja Becker – PortraitAnja Becker studied German literature at the Universities of Bochum, Göttingen and at Washington University in St. Louis (USA). Her dissertation, supported by the international doctoral programme Textualität in der Vormoderne ("Textuality in the pre-modern era") of the Elitenetzwerk Bayern, examines dialogue scenes in Middle High German epic poetry around 1200. She has worked as an Assistant Professor at the Institute of German Philology at LMU Munich since 2007.

Her project at CAS is Balsam für die Seele ("balm for the soul"). It is precisely this type of traditional metaphor which she is investigating in terms of merit and function using the example of literary portrayals of the Holy Spirit during the Middle Ages. The habilitation thesis, operating along the border between literature studies and theology, as well along that between philosophy and historical science, raises for the first time the issues of the historicity and the poetic-aesthetic potential of repeatedly used metaphors, thus closing a gap in current metaphor research in the field of literature studies.