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Prof. Dr. Holger Andreas

Winter Semester 2011/12

Holger Andreas – PortraitHolger Andreas is an Assistant Professor at the Seminar for Philosophy, Logic and Philosophy of Science at LMU Munich. He studied physics and philosophy in Leipzig and St. Andrews. One central result of his dissertation in philosophy consisted of a new formal semantic field of theoretical terms. Following a year as Visiting Scholar in Stanford, he was active as an academic assistant first in Bonn, and now in Munich since 2009.

As a Junior Researcher in Residence at the Center for Advanced Studies, Holger Andreas will work during the winter semester on the completion of his habilitation thesis and monograph "Thinking in Frames: A Structuralist Approach to Belief Revision". This work involves the development of a formal-logical theory of faith revision which arises from a synthesis of classical theory with the formalism of structural philosophy of science. An important goal of the synthesis is to improve the cognitive adequacy of existing formalism for the portrayal of changes in conviction. The work thus attempts to make a contribution to fundamental research in informatics and the cognitive sciences.