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Current Junior Researcher in Residence

  • Dr. Gero Guttzeit

    At CAS, Gero Guttzeit works on invisibility and its cultural significance. Being invisible has long been regarded as a mythical power, yet today narratives of invisibility typically recount the struggle to overcome being unseen. Why did this fundamental shift in the relationship between literary and social invisibility occur? more

  • Dr. Nikolas Koch

    Nikolas Koch’s research interests are situated in the field of cognitive linguistics and usage-based models of (bilingual) first and second language acquisition. In particular, he focuses on lexically specific patterns and their role for a productive and creative use of language. more

  • Dr. Yves Steinebach

    Yves Steinebach’s project examines how sectoral implementation structures change in response to ever-growing implementation burdens and provides practical recommendations on how to best design sectoral implementation structures to guar¬antee the effective functioning of public policies. more

  • Dr. Bettina Stepanek

    Bettina Stepanek’s research focuses on the design and implementation of effective legal protection against state and supranational action in the European multi-level network. more