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Current Junior Researcher in Residence

  • Dr. Margit Dirscherl

    Margit Dirscherl pursues her habilitation project, a literary history of railway stations, focusing especially on the perceptions and experiences that can be made there on turning points and pivotal moments within narratives. more

  • Dr. Markus Hinterleitner

    At CAS, Markus Hinterleitner works on his newest project on policies’ role in democratic conflict management, exploring how specifically designed policies mediate societal conflicts and thereby strengthen (or weaken) democracy. more

  • Dr. Jinyeop Lee

    Jinyeop Lee works on the simultaneous mean-field and semi-classical limit towards the Vlasov system from a many-body quantum system. more

  • Dr. Andreas Pithis

    Dr. Andreas Pithis is a postdoctoral researcher at the Arnold Sommerfeld Center for Theoretical Physics (ASC) of the Department of Physics of the University of Munich (LMU). He studied physics (Dipl. Phys. Univ.) at TU Munich and LMU and conducted research for his diploma thesis at the CPT of Aix-Marseille-University (France) under the supervision of Prof. Carlo Rovelli and Prof. Alejandro Perez. more

  • Dr. Seth Levine

    Seth Levine is a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Psychology at LMU Munich. Previously, he obtained his Bachelor’s in Cognitive Science from The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, where he specialized in Theoretical Linguistics and Neuroscience. more