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Current Junior Researcher in Residence

  • Dr. Annie Chan

    At CAS, Annie Chan will be looking into the logic, rituals, and processes of movement and spatial practice that spurred growth in long-distance conveyance and communication in Inner Asia during the emergence of imperial statehood. more

  • Dr. Barbara Cludius

    During her stay as Junior Researcher in Residence at the Center for Advanced Studies, she will work on transdiagnostic processes, especially emotion regulation, with a focus on translational research. more

  • Dr. Fabian Horn

    Fabian Horn's current research project “Metaphors and Mental Infrastructure in Early Greek Literature” aims at a corpus-based study of metaphors in different genres of Early Greek literature along with an analysis of their conceptual foundations. more

  • Dr. Michael Müller

    At CAS, Michael Müller is focuses on public law conditionality, i.e. conditions attached to the provision of benefits granted from public funds. more