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Upcoming CAS Research Groups 2021/22

  • Ophelia Deroy "Persuading under Uncertainty: Challenges and Norms of Science Communication"

    Scientists, no less than politicians, need to be persuasive: as shown in recent vaccination and COVID-19 crises, they have a crucial role to play to change people's attitudes and beliefs. The Research Group will examine this topic by building on and pushing forward existing issues in epistemology, philosophy and psychology of persuasion and of science communication. more

  • Hermann Müller: "Handling Visual Distraction"

    The world is full of stimuli, of which only a tiny fraction is relevant at any time to our action goals. Since this has been so throughout human evolution, the brain has developed adaptive mechanisms of handling distraction by irrelevant stimuli. The focus of the CAS Research Group "Handling Visual Distraction" will be on the fundamental mechanisms of distractor handling. more