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Upcoming CAS Research Groups 2019/2020

  • Barbara Ercolano: "The Ionisation Structure of Planet Forming Discs and their Atmospheres"

    Recent surveys have shown an overwhelming diversity of extrasolar planetary systems, prompting the question of how some may end up looking like our own and being able to sustain life. The environment in which planets form plays a major role in this issue. Planets are born out of the dust and gas left over whenever a new star forms: the protoplanetary disc (PPD). The initial conditions for planet formation are thus determined by the PPDs, which evolve and disperse as they give birth to planets. more

  • Klaus H. Goetz: "Exceptional Political Dynamics: Temporality, Turbulence, Transformation"

    Shifts in the international distribution of power create an impetus for institutional change. As powers such as China rise and powers such as the US decline, international institutions come under pressure to adapt to new power realities. Yet, the pathways to institutional adaptation vary considerably. more