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Current CAS Research Groups

  • Monika Betzler: "Relationships in Transition: Normative Challenges"

    Close relationships are vitally important to agents like us. When they go well, they have value for their own sake and give meaning to our lives. Yet, close relationships are also a potential source of conflict and a site of competing normative expectations. To date, moral philosophers have mostly focused on three types of relationships: friendships; romantic partnerships; and family relationships (in particular that between parents and children). more

  • Tobias Kretschmer: "Platforms as Organizational Forms"

    The CAS Research Group will investigate the distinctiveness of platforms as an organizational form. Platforms play an important economic role and are characterized by connecting two sides, e.g. a buyer and a seller of a good or service. Notably, the sides usually make decisions independent from the platform owner, yet they share a common goal, the viability of the so-called platform ecosystem including the platform, its complements and buyers. more