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Policies for the Prevention of Conflict

The multitude of intra- and international violent conflicts of the present and recent past give rise to increasing concerns about political risks and international stability. Growing pressure due to military threats and economic disruptions, triggered by ethnic tensions, fierce international resource and trade competition, the Sars-CoV-2 pandemic, and the increasingly noticeable effects of climate change, is progressively erupting in violent conflicts. Even in many hitherto stable democracies, for example in Europe or the USA, social tensions are growing and trust in the authority of the state and the law as the preferred instrument for conflict resolution and reconciliation of interests is dwindling.

The research group based at CAS uses and develops advanced methods of statistics, computer science, natural language processing, artificial intelligence and remote sensing to support effective policies for conflict prevention, conflict resolution and sustainable development. The objective is to establish an applied Computational Conflict Research Centre for the development of policy solutions.


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