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Materiality – Museology – Knowledge

The work of the Research Focus will center around the interrelationship of three aspects: materiality, museology and knowledge. Their interaction will be both theoretically analyzed and experimentally realized. Museums are and have always been of fundamental importance for those academic disciplines concerned with artifacts, such as anthropology, archaeology as well as art and natural history. At the same time, the museum itself is an epistemic apparatus consisting of spatial parameters, structural guidelines along with material and aesthetic practices. The central focus is thus on the mutual relationships between object, space, practice and perception as they occur particularly in museums and universities.

The centerpiece of the Research Focus will be the close cooperation with several Munich museums including the Pinakothek der Moderne, the Museum Fünf Kontinente and Biotopia. Several practical units held within the collections are planned in order to examine closely the discipline frameworks for anthropology, archaeology as well as art and natural history.


Research Focus Group