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Research Focuses

The CAS Research Focuses provide a flexible framework to encourage interdisciplinary connectedness and the international exchange of new ideas. LMU scholars and scientists receive financial and organizational support over two years for the development of large research projects engaging different faculties.

In the humanities, CAS is particularly committed to funding programs that do not receive support from conventional sources. For the natural sciences, the format also provides the possibility to reflect on the social, economic and political implications of fundamental research in cooperation with other disciplines – something which otherwise receives little or no attention. In addition, CAS Research Focuses often encourage discussion on methodical questions extending beyond individual disciplines.

International guests, who reside at the CAS for up to 3 months, can be included in these projects in order to reinforce the dialogue between intra- and extramural colleagues. As a rule, research focuses are initiated by CAS Members and have a lifespan of up to two years. Especially for the Members of the Young Center, the research focus should offer the opportunity to implement longer-term collective projects.