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Writing Prose

The term "prose" is probably the only example of a rhetorical terminus advancing to become a central metaphor of the modern era. Since the 18thcentury, this word has had an irreducible double meaning: on the one hand, it refers to a (written) mode of linguistic expression which, in contrast to verse, is not metrically bound, while on the other hand denoting a form of thought, a dimension of life, indeed a structure of the world which finds its appropriate form of linguistic representation in this untethered mode of expression. In the modern use of the term prose, language and the world are thus closely connected. This connection will be investigated in the course of the CAS Research Focus according to three central themes:

  1. Cohesion forms of prose;
  2. Objectivity as a prose style;
  3. Prosaic realities.


  • Prof. Dr. Inka Mülder-Bach
    (Chair of Modern German Literature, LMU)

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