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Moral Behavior

Since the time of Aristotle, questions of character and morals have been among the fundamental principles of ethics. The field of psychology, especially developmental psychology, concerns itself with the emotional, moral and social development of children and investigates the appearance of altruism, empathy and prosocial behavior. In the field of economics, the motivation behind decisions has also traditionally played an important role, with the analysis of this motivation allowing for a better understanding of the human image behind economic models. For the field of law, questions of moral philosophy are significant as the basis for the binding force and validity of legislation. In this research focus, scholars from the field of philosophy will be joined by those from such varying disciplines as psychology, economics, political science and law to address questions of moral philosophy.


Research Focus Group

Visiting Fellows


  1. Prof. Richard Holton, Ph.D. (University of Cambridge) – "Moral Resolutions and Moral Rules"
  2. Prof. Walter Mischel, Ph.D. (Columbia University)– "Deconstructing Resistance to Temptation"
  3. Prof. David Laibson, Ph.D. (Harvard University) – "Hyperbolic Discounting: Theory and Evidence of Imperfect Willpower"
  4. Prof. Dr. Monika Betzler (LMU Munich) – "Einmal ist Keinmal. Willensschwäche und Schleichende Irrationalität"


CAS<sup>Video</sup> – LogoPlease find video recordings of this Research Focus here: CASVideo – Moral Behavior.


  • "Eltern, Kollegen, Partner, Freunde" - Interview with Prof. Dr. Monika Betzler, Spokesperson of CAS Research Focus "Moral Behavior", relating to the CAS-Conference "The Moral Demands of Relationships" in Süddeutsche Zeitung on 21 March 2017
    (174 KByte)
  • "Wer sich zügeln kann, ist frei" - Interview with Prof. Walter Mischel, Ph.D., Visiting Referent of CAS Research Focus "Moral Behavior", in Süddeutsche Zeitung on 11 January 2017
    (128 KByte)
  • The good life, in: insightLMU 3 (2015), p. 69-73