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Agriculture between Idyll and Dystopia: Green Gene Technology as a Projection Screen for Visions of Nature

Within the debate on green gene technology (GGT), the ban on the MON810 corn variety led to a renewed exploration of the risks and the responsibility linked to scientific research and political decision-making when considering new risky technologies and agricultural orientations. The main working hypothesis of the project is that, against the backdrop of the GGT debate, it is in fact a social controversy about the right relationship between human beings and nature that is being played out. In this context, judgments are based on visions of nature that represent a specific, normatively ordered relationship between human beings and nature and these images are constantly mediated through agriculture. Indeed, the relationship between human beings and nature is exemplarily realised in the latter and since it is mainly steered by technological and economic efficiency criteria, it should not come as a surprise that the conflict arises precisely in this field. The aim of the project is to acquire new perspectives on the responsibility of research and agriculture through interdisciplinary reflection on visions of nature –thus enabling the comparison between and the assessment of future scenarios as well as fostering a better understanding of the conflict surrounding GGT.

Advisory Board (AB)

Steering Committee (SC)

  • Barbara Brandl
    (Faculty of Sociology, Institute for Sociology, LMU)
  • Christian Dürnberger
    (Institute TTN, Environmental Ethics and Communication)
  • Dr. Julia Herzberg
    (Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society, LMU)
  • Birgit Lemmen
    (Faculty of Law, Public and Administrative Law, University Passau)
  • Dr. Reinhard Pröls
    (Phytopathology, TU-Science Center Weihenstephan)
  • Dr. Lena Bouman (Academic Coordinator)
    (CAS, LMU )


Visiting Fellows


  • Annette Meyer / Stephan Schleissing (Hgg.): Projektion Natur. Grüne Gentechnik im Fokus der Wissenschaften (=Umwelt und Gesellschaft Bd. 12), Göttingen 2014.


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  • Versuch über die Natur, in: Einsichten 2 (2012), S. 46-53.