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Ethics in the Tension between Science and the Public

In recent years, the "Science and the public" theme has garnered a great deal of attention. The situation is still characterized by an ongoing differentiation and specialization of the sciences. At the same time, it has become increasingly difficult to convey these aspects to a broad public. On the one hand, there are qualms about a supposedly boundless scientific research and, on the other, there are attempts to defend scientific freedom as a precious good and the fundamental right of a democratic society.

Ethics is thus presented with the high-responsibility task to mediate between science and the public. A prerequisite is therefore that ethics broaches itself and its orientation in the tension between science and the public. The aim of this research focus is to discuss and deepen this vast theme in an interdisciplinary debate between researchers as well as to open up the field to a broader non-academic audience. At the heart of this project is an interdisciplinary research group comprised of LMU junior researchers, who besides internal meetings and workshops also organizes public talks and conferences at the CAS.


  • PD Dr. Friedemann Voigt
    (Faculty of Protestant Theology, Systematic Theology, LMU)

Working Group



  • Friedemann Voigt (Hg.): Freiheit der Wissenschaft. Beiträge zu ihrer Bedeutung, Normativität und Funktion, Berlin 2012.


  • Alle Macht den Ethikräten? Gespräch mit dem protestantischen Theologen Friedemann Voigt, in: CAS Aviso 4 (2011), p. 3-5.