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Biology of Genomes

The Research Focus "Biology of Genomes" addresses current issues of genomic research and its various implications for society. In recent years biological research has entered the postgenomic era.

The Human Genome sequencing project was a major conceptual breakthrough and paved the way for genomic work in many other fields. It also led to new technologies that have reduced the costs of DNA sequencing more than 50 000-fold in the last ten years. For biology the possibility to sequence genomes for essentially every species allows unprecedented ways to explore the evolution of life and human health.

These developments are currently revolutionizing biological and medical research and will lead to applications with great impact on individuals and societies. While their existential and ethical consequences for the individual and society will be dramatic, these are by no means being sufficiently discussed. The CAS Research Focus "Biology of Genomes" addresses these issues and explores how this field is transforming biology and society under the conditions of our so-called 'postgenomic era'.


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