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The question of efficient and sustainable energy storage is more virulent than ever before. Environmentally conscious economic and climate policy relies on this new research into energy storage. It is precisely these research questions that are being advanced at the Excellence Cluster e-conversion supported by LMU and TUM. The lecture series aims to present the potential of current energy research to a wider public audience and to discuss its political relevance. more

Three LMU postdocs are at the CAS this summer as Junior Researchers and will use their time here both to advance their research projects and to present their ideas for discussion. The communication scholar Viorela Dan is analyzing the effects of "deep fakes" on the decisions of voters, Taisuke Imai (Economics) is examining how the field of economics has addressed the so-called replication crisis, and the legal scholar Martin Stierle will discuss with his guests the role of exclusivity rights in the field of life sciences. more

The Research Focus Group led by the English philologist Claudia Olk uses a wide range of humanistic perspectives to approach and analyze the term empathy. What makes empathy distinct from sensitivity or sympathy? What are the terminological constants or variations? Participating scholars in addition to Claudia Olk include Monika Betzler (Philosophy), Erasmus Mayr (Philosophy, Regensburg), Ulf Otto (Theatre Studies), Susanne Reichlin (Medieval Studies) and Magdalena Zorn (Musicology). Alongside theoretical considerations, practices of empathy, for example in theater or the judiciary, are to be included as well. more