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We are overwhelmed! Congratulations to CAS Member Ferenc Krausz (LMU Muenchen, Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics) who received the Nobel Prize in Physics "for experimental methods for the generation of attosecond light pulses for the study of electron dynamics in matter". more

„Complex views and new clues to the universe” are the research goals set by the group led by the astrophysicist Klaus Dolag. With the help of cosmological simulations, they will test their theories on the formation and development of galaxies and galaxy clusters in detail and on very small length scales. „Words to numbers“ is the title of the group led by the economist Florian Englmaier. The Research Group will apply computer linguistic methods to distill complex concepts such as “trust” from high-dimensional unstructured texts and to make them quantifiable. „The sound of theatre“ is the focus of the Research Group led by David Roesner from theatre studies. What is heard in the theatre, and how it sounds, is of the greatest importance and has an enormous effect – for theater performers and for the audience. The goal is hence to work on a more comprehensive aesthetic concept of “sound” in theatre. In the summer semester, the work of all three groups is entering the critical phase in which they will hold their comprehensive final conferences and present their results. more

In summer, two postdocs will work at CAS. Seth Levine from the Institute for Psychology will analyze the conditions that lead to the alteration of information processing in the human brain and how these dynamics can be investigated in cooperative real-time interactions between several people. Andreas Pithis from the Arnold Sommerfeld Center for Theoretical Physics is concerned with problems of quantum cosmology. more