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Especially in these days, when CAS is visited much less than usual, we want to give you an idea of the manifold activities at the Center. On Instagram, you can now follow who is working on which topic, which Fellows are in the house, which events are taking place, and which art is currently on display. Get an idea of CAS! more

To meet the challenge of the current situation, CAS has implemented a new format: preserving interesting contributions by groups and guests at CAS by publishing them in a blog. In contrast to specialist publications, the blog allows us to include discussion contributions, brief thesis-rich texts and current political articles all at short notice. The blog collects contributions on various topics addressed at CAS, beginning with the following categories: "All About Art", "Global Worlds", and – currently of particular importance – "Corresponding Fellows". In addition there is the category "Reset", which deals with the impacts of COVID-19 on both science and society as well as the category "Max Weber Today". more

This Winter Semester sees the CAS Research Group program entering its fourth year. Monika Betzler (philosophy) and Tobias Kretschmer (economics) will work with their international groups both digitally and in person in Munich. Monika Betzler's group will address transition processes in close relationships, paying particular attention to phenomena such as divorce and adolescence along with their implications in terms of moral philosophy. Tobias Kretschmer and his cooperation partners will conduct research into how digitization is transforming markets. The focus will lie especially on so-called online markets, such as amazon and google etc., and their increasing dominance. more