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Barbara Ercolano (astrophysics) and Klaus H. Goetz (political science) are spokespersons of the two new CAS Research Groups. Barbara Ercolano’s group will react to the latest observation programs that have demonstrated the existence of an overwhelming richness of extra-solar planetary systems; the CAS Research Group, which includes Philip Armitage (Stony Brook University), Cathie Clarke (Cambridge), Xuening Bai (Tsinghua University) as well as Doug Johnstone (Herzberg Astronomy and Astrophysics Research Centre), will develop photoionization and thermal models covering an area stretching from the inside of the disk to its atmospheres and winds. Unpredictable, abrupt changes – sometimes described as turbulences – are the focus of research to be conducted by Klaus H. Götz. The Research Group will particularly investigate the question of whether extraordinary dynamics in both national and global politics are becoming increasingly frequent and what causes them. The group includes Keith Dowding (Canberra), Michael Howlett (Simon Fraser) and André Kaiser (Cologne). more

With Antonia Misch (psychology), Anna Wehofsits (philosophy) and Kay Wolfinger (German literature), the Junior Researcher in Residence Program is entering its tenth year. 54 post-doctoral scholars of the LMU have already achieved further qualification through a period of research at CAS on their way to gaining a professorship. In this semester, the postdoctoral scholars will be working on their habilitation theses on the constitution of social groups during childhood, on the ethical aspects of self-delusion and on the figure of the apparitionist in literature. They will also use this intensive work phase to network with renowned colleagues and to present their projects for discussion in internal CAS research colloquiums. more

As a university-based institute for advanced studies, CAS supports cooperation in all its programs: between LMU scholars and outstanding international guests. The CAS Research Focuses will make considerable use of this opportunity during the winter semester: upon invitation from Barbara Vinken, Emanuele Coccia (Paris) will cooperate with the Research Focus "What About Art?" and will hold several events on the subject of norms and artistic freedom. As part of the Research Focus "Global Dis/Connections", the theater studies scholar Charlotte Canning (Austin), a specialist for the cultural history of the cold war, will be in Munich upon invitation from Christopher Balme. Geoffrey Khan (Cambridge) along with Ronny Vollandt (Research Focus "Textual Practices") will offer a workshop on Masoretic texts. The Research Focus "Global Health" will bring two guest fellows to CAS: Carmi Margolis (Israel), an expert for global health education, and mental health specialist Eshetu Girma (Addis Abeba). Both will hold several workshops and lectures. more