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Alongside the content of texts, the practices of textual communication have recently come under increased focus in research. Particularly interesting are forms of communication that cross the boundaries not only of texts, but also of religious cultures. The new CAS Research Focus "Textual Practices in the Pre-Modern World" led by Teresa Bernheimer and Ronny Vollandt examines the connections between the great intellectual cultures in late antiquity: ancient philosophy, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The scientific concept of "Global Health" encompasses both the arena of study and research as well as medical practice. It aims for the improvement of health and the realization of equality within the worldwide health system. The new CAS Research Focus "Global Health" led by Katja Radon and Peter Falkai aims to gather all the research activities on this subject at the LMU. more

The constellation of the international powers has changed unmistakably in recent decades: China and India have at least caught up to the traditional powers USA and Great Britain, and are now demanding mandates in international organizations such as the UN and the WTO in accordance with their new position. In its year at CAS, the Research Group led by Bernhard Zangl will examine how old and new superpowers vie for seats in international councils and what role various negotiation strategies play in this contest. During an explosive volcanic eruption, numerous physical processes occur, ranging from the degasification of magma to the release of an ash and gas mixture into the atmosphere and its deposition on the surface of the Earth as tephra. In its year of work, the CAS Research Group led by Donald Dingwell will examine these processes of the volcano system close to the Earth's surface, taking into account aspects such as geophysics, fluid mechanics, atmospheric chemistry, biochemistry and material sciences, as well as social science aspects. more

In the winter semester, 35 scholars will be guests at CAS: the media studies scholar José van Dijck (Utrecht) will work with the sociologist Julian Müller (currently Junior Researcher in Residence) on the topic of "Biographical Narratives in Modern Media" at CAS. The biologist Kwangwon Lee (Rutgers) has been invited by the CAS Research Focus "Microbiomes" to conduct research with Martha Merrow (LMU) on the microbiological foundations of the circadian clock. The ancient historian Katherine Blouin (Toronto) will follow the invitation of the CAS Research Focus "Settlements" to work on the phenomenon of "Abandoned Cities". more