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Dr. Hans Steinmüller

Hans Steinmüller is Assistant Professor at the Department of Anthropology at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

He is a specialist in the anthropology of China and has conducted long-term fieldwork in the Enshi region of Hubei Province in central China, focusing on family, work, ritual, and the local state. The main object of his research is the ethics of everyday life in rural China, but he has also written on topics such as gambling, rural development, and Chinese geomancy (fengshui). Hans is the convenor of the MSc programme 'China in Comparative Perspective'.

Hans Steinmüller is a Visiting Fellow at CAS from January to March 2018 upon invitation from Dr. Martin Saxer. On 6 February 2018 he will give a lecture on "Predation and Care Changing Logics of Sacrifice in the Wa Hills of Myanmar".