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Prof. Dr. Simone Dalla Bella

Simone Dalla Bella is a cognition psychologist specializing in music psychology and neuropsychology and conducting research in the field of kinesiology at the University Montpellier I on the topic of "Movement to Health", Institute Euromov.

His research focuses on the use of synchronization tasks in the diagnosis and rehabilitation of neurodegenerative illnesses (Parkinson's, Alzheimer), fundamental research on the production and perception of rhythmic signals in timing and feedback tasks of professional musicians (e.g. pianists, percussionists) and non-musicians, as well as the investigation of manifestations of rhythmic and musical inability along with singing abilities among the general population.

In July 2012, Simone Dalla Bella will be a visiting fellow at the CAS following an invitation from Dr. Simone Falk (CAS Junior Researcher in Residence 2012) and will give a lecture during his stay as part of the Wednesday Lunch series.