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Prof. Dr. Shinichiro Nakamura

Shinichiro Nakamura is Professor of Industrial Ecology at Waseda University in Tokyo.

The object of his research is the hybrid input-output analysis which he applies in the field of industrial ecology. His particular interest in this area is the development of methods for the sustainable management of resources, such as metals. His most recent research results include a top-down method with which the material composition of products can be determined, as well as new visualization methods for the material flow analysis.

Shinichiro Nakamura will be at the CAS as a visiting fellow in September 2012 following an invitation from Professor Claudia Binder and Professor Ralf Ludwig. In Munich, he will work with Prof. Binder and Prof. Ludwig to extend existing research cooperation projects. On 21 September, he is giving a lecture at the Faculty of Geosciences at 12.00 entitled "Hybrid LCA towards Sustainable Management of Metals: Quality- and Dilution Losses in Recycling".