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Dr. Frieder Klein

Frieder Klein is Associate Scientist at the Marine Chemistry und Geochemistry Department at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Woods Hole, USA.

Frieder Klein belongs to the leading experts in the field of metamorphic peterology and the geochemistry of water. He combines field experiments and complex geochemical analysis with thermo dynamic models and hydro thermal experiments and examines on this basis the mineralogical mechanism as well as the chemical and physical implications which underlie the serpentinisation process (transformation of rocks containing olivine to serpentinites).

Frieder Klein is a Visiting Fellow at CAS from October to November 2017 upon invitation from Prof. Dr. William Orsi.

On 6 November 2017 he will give a talk on "Serpentinization, Hydrogen Generation, and Subseafloor life".