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Prof. Mamoru Fujiwara, PhD

Mamoru Fujiwara is currently active in Groningen (The Netherlands) as a Liaising Professor of the University of Osaka. In this function, he organizes the cooperation between his home university and European researchers.

He will use the occasion of his visit in Munich to hold talks on closer cooperation between the LMU and the University of Osaka in the areas of medicine and laser research. Professor Fujiwara has already been involved in intense cooperation with Professor Toshiki Tajima from the LMU as part of the investigation of parity-damaging terms of the strong interaction in atomic nuclei at the large synchrotron source "spring 8" in Japan.

Furthermore, his stay at the CAS in December 2008 will serve the preparation of a common treatise on "Visions of nuclear physics" with the LMU professors Toshiki Tajima and Dietrich Habs (working title: "Visions in Nuclear Physics with Photo-Nuclear Reactions by Laser-Driven Beams"). An ideal basis for further cooperation between the two universities has thus been established.