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Dr. Thomas Bak

Thomas Bak teaches at the University of Edinburgh in the “Institute for Cognitive Neurology" and the "Center for Clinical Brain Sciences". He is presiding chairman of the "Research Group of Aphasia & Cognitive Disorders" of the "World Federation of Neurology".

His research interests are principally centered around the cognitive neurology of speech disorders. He is mainly concerned with the overlapping of aphasic disorders and illnesses of the locomotor system, especially in the case of neurodegenerative diseases.

Thomas Bak will be at the CAS as a visiting fellow in October and November 2011 upon invitation from Prof. Adrian Danek, Prof. Marianne Dieterich and Prof. Elisabeth Leiss as part of the CAS research focus "Dementia in an aging Society". On 2 November 2011, he will give a lecture at the CAS entitled "What wires together dies together: patterns of language impairment in neurodegenerative diseases".