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Prof. Dr. Timothy Whelan

Timothy Whelan is Professor of English at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro.

His research interests lie in the field of literature of the 18th and 19th centuries. He is internationally renowned for his editorial work on texts from this period. Among other publications, he is the editor of the (so far) eight-volume work "Nonconformist British Women's Writing, 1720-1840". He is also the principal editor of the Crabb Robinson project, on which LMU research fellow James Vigus mitarbeitet.

 In September and October 2011, Timothy Whelan will be at the CAS as a visiting fellow following an invitation from Dr. James Vigus, Faculty for Languages and Literatures. During this time, he will give a lecture on "Coleridge and Two Bristol Baptist Ministers, John Ryland and Joseph Hughes" at the conference "Informal Romanticism", which will take place at the CAS in September. In addition, he will present further research results on Mary Steele (1753-1813) and Elizabeth Coltman (1761-1838) in October 2011 in the Literature Studies Colloquium organized by Professor Andreas Höfele and Dr. Stephan Laqué.