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Prof. Dr. Wolbert Smidt

Wolbert Smidt is Professor (adjunct) in Ethnohistory at the Department of Anthropology at Mekelle University in Ethiopia.

His research focuses on ethnohistory and socio-political structures of ethnic groups in Tigray / Ethiopia, western Ethiopia and Eritrea, history of the creation and development of modern Ethiopia and Eritrea (starting from mid-19th. cent.), Africa in the German History of Thought (Historical Anthropology) and history of Euripean-Ethiopian relations.

Wolbert Smidt is a Visiting Fellow in June and July 2020 upon invitation from Prof. Dr. Magnus Treiber.
On 19 June 2020 he organizes together with Prof. Tricia Redeker Hepner, Ph.D. and Prof. Dr. Magnus Treiber a livestream workshop on "Migration in a Broader Context. The Horn of Africa and its Asymmetric Global Relations".