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Prof. Gordon McMullan, PhD

Gordon McMullan is Professor of English at King's College in London.

He is an internationally proven and widely acclaimed Shakespeare researcher, text philologist and specialist for the culture and theater of the early modern period.

He is currently responsible for the text editing of one of the most renowned critical Shakespeare editions (The Norton Shakespeare, chief editor Stephen Greenblatt) and is also chief editor of the series Arden Early Modern Drama. In his widely acclaimed monograph "Shakespeare and the Idea of late Style: Writing in the Proximity of Death" (2007), he picked up on the concepts of Shakespeare's "late works" and "late style", developing them in a very influential manner.

Gordon McMullan will be at the CAS as a visiting fellow in November 2011 following an invitation from Professor Tobias Döring, Department of English and American Studies. As part of his visit, he will give an evening lecture on 21 November 2011 entitled "'This Cormorant War': Greed, Conflict and Literary Representation from Shakespeare to Harrison".